The Memorial

Originally Railway membership was restricted to railway workers. Some of the inaugural executive was executive members of the Ipswich Sub Branch. After some years membership was extended to all Returned Servicemen and Women. At present (2014) membership stands at about two hundred and fifty.

They raised funds by various means to provide a reasonable standard of living for their members and their families. Also a priority was assisting the members to obtain Repatriation Benefits.
In the early days a certain amount of animosity existed between the two Sub Branches. Sub Branch meetings were originally held in the roundhouse at the Railway Workshops. Later they shared the Memorial Hall for their meetings and also shared the Club.
In the early 1970s the branches got together to form the Club at North Ipswich. Land was obtained from the Railway Department and the present Ipswich RSL Services Club opened in 1979. Both Sub Branches hold half shares in the Club.
The prime focus of the Sub Branch is to provide Welfare and Pension assistance to our members and their families.


Commemorations to remember those who have given for their life for their country and to those who have been physically or mentally injured are a major part of our Charter. Our Charter also provides the nurture of the young and we now provide bursaries to a number of schools in the Ipswich area.

Our commemorations include ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Ipswich Rail Museum and Vietnam Veterans Day at the RSL Services Club.
Membership is now extended to Australian and members of allied forces who have at least six months service. Membership to current members of the Australian Defence Force are granted free membership but, need to call us annually to renew membership. CLICK READ MORE FOR MEMBERSHIP DETAILS

Anzac Day 25th April

The Sub Branch hold an Anzac Day commemoration at the Ipswich Workshops Museum, North St. North Ipswich, with a march down Delacy St. commencing at 7.20am. Then a service at the Honour Stone at 7.30am. This is followed by a smoko.

Remembrance Day 11th November

A Remembrance Ceremony is held at the Ipswich Worshops Museum with a service commencing at 10.40am.

Vietnam Veteran Day 18th August

A Vietnam Veteran Day service is held at the Ipswich RSL Services Club, Lowry St Borth Ipswich commencing at 5pm.